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Layout and function

The most important components of the FS-IRD are the radiator modules within a horizontal rotating drum, which has an integral, welded conveyor screw.
The material to be processed isfed continuously, by a volumetric metering unit, into the integral screw of the rotating drum, distributing it evenly through the dryer while it is treated with infrared light.
At the end of the rotating drum the material falls into the output hopper and can be transferred directly to the next process step.
ps: perfect solutions gmbh

ps: perfect solutions gmbh ps: perfect solutions gmbh

Industrial application

Throughout europe there are already have several industrial used machines working successfully with capacities between 100 und 1500 kg per hour.

ps: perfect solutions gmbh Sizes and types
- Modular design
- more than 200 possible configurations (sizes / performance)
- Throughput: 20 kg/h 5.000 kg/h
- integrated machine frame, 4 feet

ps: perfect solutions gmbh

Video of funktion

Video of funktion FS-IRD   Video of funktion of our FoodSafety-IRDs
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